How to make buys on Aliexpress more profitable?

One of the most popular online stores is actively demanded among millions of buyers all over the world thanks to acceptable cost of goods and wide range. Periodically change of price on Aliexpress for the same product in short period is common thing. However, not all users know how to benefit and buy liked goods at very attractive cost.

Existing dynamics of prices on Aliexpress is not always understanding for newbie buyer. The same products may cost different prices. It is difficult to understand is it rather really good price if you don’t know what price was yesterday or week ago. We will show you how to track correct on Aliexpress for separate period and save much in this huge market.

Tracking the prices on Aliexpress

There are several ways of price monitoring for certain period of time:

  • Customer reviews. Some users left the comments about the quality and cost of acquired goods. But in this case, it is possible to gather enough information only about more popular goods with high number of sales.
  • Self check and comparison of prices on Aliexpress. Before making purchases, it should be added to basket and tracked how cost will change during some days or weeks.
  • Setting of special expansion for Aliexpress prices in browser. It is more effective way that allows to track the cost on-line and familiarize with history of price modifications.

One of such expansions for tracking prices is This browser expansion is used for monitoring of any changes on any sites. Application is very simple in use - it is enough to install and add necessary information for tracking.

What else can be tracked on Aliexpress

So, application will allow not only track the price of goods in global marketplace but analyze:

  prices of sellers in other online stores;

  views of goods/pages/photo/video;

  customer reviews;


  rating and other.

Easy application will deliver the necessity of checking each separate site, will help to choose and compare content from any web pages, look over the history of changes and browser notifications.


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