Idea of creation of this product was appeared because of necessity to get notifications when information changes on definite sites/resources. We have tested and gathered information from users for a long time to create good product, which will help people.


We exist only for half a year, but we suggest now the product which helps users. More than 20000 people use our product during such short period. In more than 40 countries people use our product. About 600 new tracks are created per day. Number of cases in which our product is used more than 30. For example, the most extraordinary cases: tracking of hot tours, tracking of pictures, tracking of number of subscribers in posts, tracking of new comics, tracking of new posts in instagram. And there are a lot of such examples. We can’t even imagine that our product can be used in such manners. We are glad that it brings help.

What is our purpose

We want to make product for people, so we listen every review and make the product better every day.

Why it is worth to trust us

We use modern technology and decide problems operatively. We solve every task nontrivially and make the assessment of possible problems.

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