Get notified when content changes on web pages

Easy choose any block on site and all content in block will be tracked for changes. For example, you can track prices, statuses, new posts, statistics, reviews, ratings, views, images etc. It is comfortable to view all changes on page “watchlist”, it will deliver you from necessity to check all sites separately.


Track all in one place

You save your time when add more information for tracking and don’t need to check websites always.

How to use it

Open the page you need

Open the page with information which should be tracked. Push the icon of expansion and push the button “Create track”.

Choose the text which is necessary for your case

Direct the mouse on text which you need to track and push on it.

Wait for notification

When OTSLEDIT will notice changes, it notify you about it at once. You also can look over the history of all trackings when go to “list of all trackings”.