track content changes on web pages with otsledit

Easily choose any block on a site and all content inside the block will be tracked for changes. For example, you can track prices, balances, exchange rates, statistics, reviews, ratings, views, and so on. It is very convenient to view all the changes on the "watchlist" page, this saves you from having to check all sites separately.

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Track all in one place

By adding more information to tracking you save your time without spending it on constant checking of web pages.

How to use it

Open a page you need

Open a page that contains the information you want to track. Click on the extension icon and in the window that appears, click the button "TRACKING".

Select the text required for your case

Move your mouse over a text you want to track and click on it.

Wait for notification

When OTSLEDIT notices the changes, it immediately notifies you about it. You can also see the history of all the tracks by clicking on the "list of all tracks".